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[TMM43]Sexy Bitch (DJ-P Remix) [TMM43]Sexy Bitch (DJ-P Remix)

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Wtf is wrong with you people?

I personally like the song remixed or otherwise, but seriously, noone forced you to click the link, noone forced you to listen to this song, it's even got the same title as the original, you're meant to be critiquing his work, not the song. Hell, if you've got problems with song send Akon or David Guetta an email or some shit, seriously, good job on the remixing my man, keep it up. And to the guy below me, who the hell said he was "Influenced by" anything. It's a remix, not a friggin' original song.

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+Energize- +Energize-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pretty sweet :D

I really like it, it's going in my iTunes :P
To be honest, i have to agree with the guy below me, the triple drum kick didnt work effectively, maybe if it was toned down or changed? Aside from that, your work is spot on, ill be sure to keep an eye out for anything new you produce :D


Aspiration Rd. 2 {NewYear Mix} Aspiration Rd. 2 {NewYear Mix}

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good job

disregard that guy below me, he's an anuspatty :D

This song was really nice, it made me feel happy, there's only a few songs that coax a smile out of me and this is now one of them, keep up the good work mate, I'm favouriting you so I don't miss a thing :)


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b0b3rt responds:


Thanks =)

[TC] The Next Chapter [TC] The Next Chapter

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Well, it seems that your original work is just as good, if not better, than your remixes, I can honestly say I'm impressed, especially considering how long it took you. Less accomplished DJs sometimes take weeks trying to perfect a new creation and you've created something to simply destroy all competition in 3 days! Astounding, I'll be sure to keep an eye on your progress :D

MH16: MSC1 -A Lost Friend- MH16: MSC1 -A Lost Friend-

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This is all playing out in my head

All I can imagine is a man walking through a city, looking down at this sheet of paper with a name and an address. This is all so new to him, he's never been to a city this big. He hurries, aimlessly, left and right asking for directions but no-one will reply. The man loses hope and sits on a corner, the steps of a large building. He looks at his sheet of paper then looks up at the building... HOPE. This is the same building! He ventures inside and out of an elevator steps his old friend. They stare blankly at one another for what seems an eternity before embracing each other in a way only the greatest of friends, possibly more, ever could.
You've piqued my imagination and for that I salute you.
Best of luck in your efforts good sir.

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FairSquare responds:

Thanks for your kind review.
The picture you had in your head is beautiful and it has the kind of emotions that i was going for :-)
Again, thanks!

Super Mario World ROCK! Super Mario World ROCK!

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'Nuff sed